- Always-on monitoring

Real-Time Alerts

Canary is constantly monitoring your store to ensure that conversion rates are consistent to what they’ve been in the near past. When conversion rates swing, you are instantly alerted so you can always be ahead of any problems.

- Don’t open yourself up to risk

Time = $, Literally

A buggy theme, a buggy app, or… anything else that knocks your conversion from where it needs to be can be a very expensive mistake. The longer that your issue persists, the more money you don’t make. Canary enables you to always stay ahead of these issues.

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- All popular chat platforms

Notifications However You want

Canary will send you an email, a Slack message, or an SMS – whatever you prefer. Get notified wherever you check your messages most often to ensure you find out instantly the second something is wrong.

24/7 Monitoring

Canary is there when you’re not. We’re monitoring your store at all times to make sure that nothing will go wrong or get past you. Get peace of mind knowing your store is operating exactly where it needs to be, all around the clock.